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The Human Head Has On Average 2,000 Hairs Per Square Inch. When Thinning Occurs, It Can Be A Depressing Time, Stigmas Attached To Balding & Premature Ageing In Both Men And Women Can Affect Confidence And Mood. Scalp Micro Pigmentation Can Restore Even A Completely Bald Head To Look Like A Full Head Of Well-Groomed Hair

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (Medical Hairline Tattoo) Is The Ultimate In Non-Surgical Male And Female Scalp Grooming; An Incredible Life-Changing Treatment Where Natural Pigments Are Applied At The Epidermal Level Of The Scalp To Replicate The Natural Appearance Of Real Hair Follicles Or Strands – Depending On Your Hair Loss Extent, And Desired Look.

We Also Understand That Your Hair Follicles Are Not All The Same Shade, Our Team Frequently Use 3-4 Shades Of Pigment To Create The Most Realistic Finish – Giving A Younger More Confident Hairline.

Micro Pigmentation Is Suitable For All Types And Stages Of Hair-Loss, On All Ages, Colours And Skin Types. The Follicle/Strand Build Up Of Micro Pigmentation Normally Takes Place Over 3 Sessions, Each Taking Approx 3-4 Hours With At Least One Week Between Sessions. The Process Allows For A Very Gradual And Subtle Rejuvenation/Infill Of The Hairline, Rarely Identified Even By Close Friends And Family.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation – During The Procedure, A Cartridge Containing 3 Needles Working In Symphony Gently Inject Natural Pigment Into The 2nd Dermal Skin Layer.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Can:

  • Give The Look Of A Full, Youthful Head Of Cropped Hair
  • Simulate A Full-Front, Side And/Or Rear Hairline
  • Restore Hairlines On Part-Bald Or Fully Bald Heads
  • Camouflage – Permanently – The Symptoms Of All Levels Of Alopecia
  • Camouflage Scarring Resulting From Previous Hair Transplant Surgery
  • Hide Scars, Burns And Birthmarks
  • Boost The Visual Effect Of A Hair Transplant


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