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Current Treatments Of Hair Loss Mainly Consist Of The Taking Of Hormonal Drugs To Prevent Additional Balding, And Hair Transplant Methods, Such As Follicular Unit Transplants, Using Either The Strip Method Of Donor Removal, Or Follicular Unit Extraction (Fue)Or Mhi ( Modified Hair Implantation) Which In Most Cases Is Capable Of Restoring The Look Of Full Hair.

For The Hair Transplant However, Donor Hair Is Needed, But With The Cloning Of One’s Own Follicular Cells, This Would Not Be Necessary.

Hair Multiplication Or Hair Cloning Is A Promising New Technique Under Development To Counter Hair Loss.

The Basic Idea Of Hair Cloning Is That Healthy Follicular Cells Or Dermal Papillae Can Be Extracted From The Subject From Areas That Are Not Bald And Are Not Suffering Hair Loss, They Can Be Multiplied (Cloned) By Various Culturing Methods And The Newly Produced Cells Can Be Injected Back In The Bald Scalp, Where They Would Act Healthy And Produce Hair. This Technique However Is Still In Research Phase,

Advantages Of Hair Cloning

  • The Lack Of Donor Hairs Is One Of The Main Challenges Of Hair Transplantation. But With The Dawn Of Hair Cloning Procedures, With Its Promise To Provide Sufficient Amount Of Hairs Through Replication, Patients Can Now Have Ample Amounts Of Hair Grafts That Can Be Used.
  • Hair Cloning Can Also Lessen The Procedure Time Because There Is No Longer A Need To Painstakingly Remove Several Donor Grafts.
  • Less Invasive / No Pain
  • This Also Leaves A Smaller Scar As Opposed To The Usual Linear Scar That Runs Across The Back Of The Scalp.
  • As Cloning (Multiplication) Technique Is Under Research & Results Are Not Proven .Vplant Team Is Working On It & Hopefully Soon This Technique Is Available In India.



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